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Not only does the KYK 707 Instant Hot/Cold Alkaline Water Ionizer 4 Filters change tap water’s pH level for healthy living and other purposes, it also has the ability to heat the water as quickly as it pours. This is a revolutionary achievement that surpasses all other water ionizer machines on the market and makes the KYK 707 the very first and only ionizer in the world to combine the production of alkaline water with instant hot or cold water!


You’ll instantly be able to switch between hot or cold alkaline water to transition from afternoon tea, to refreshing drinking water, to cleansing water, and more. The ionizer’s indicator conveniently illuminates in blue when the water is cold and red when it’s hot.

With this top-of-the-line machine, your water doesn’t only come out at the pH level and temperature you desire; four powerful inline water filters and a UV disinfection process remove bacteria, toxins, and other contaminants out of the water, giving you a pure, crisp beverage that is healthy and satisfying. These alkaline water systems are able to make as much as five liters at once, which you can pour straight from the unit.

Gain the ability to quickly and easily create alkaline water that’s hot or cold instantly. Once you use it, you'll immediately see why it's the best performing and top selling hot/cold alkaline ionizer on the market. For the only machine that offers this capacity, order the KYK 707 from WaterLux!


  • Removes bacteria, chemicals, and toxins from regular water
  • Produces delicious, purified, alkaline drinking water
  • Instantly heats or cools water
  • Can produce up to 5 liters of alkaline water at a time


  • 4-Filter technology for maximum purification
  • UV (Ultraviolet) disinfection for maximum sterilization (99.999%)
  • Instant hot or cold filtered, purified, and alkaline drinking water
  • 2 delightful indicator lights - blue for cold water, red for hot water 
  • Built-in automatic electronic valve for ease, convenience, and safety
  • No bulky water tank
  • Unmatched up to 700W power
  • BPA-free materials
  • No chemicals whatsoever used to increase water pH
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes


  • KYK-707 Water Ionizer
  • 4 Filters
  • All necessary parts, such as water tray, hoses, attachments, fittings, etc.
  • User Manual
  • FREE Water pH Testing Kit for absolute confidence and peace of mind


Weight: 20 lbs
Size (WxHxD): 11.8" x 19.2" x 18.3"
Voltage and Frequency: Standard 110V, 60Hz
Water Temperature: 41 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit

5 Year Warranty