Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Florida?

Posted by WaterLux Premium Water Filtration on Aug 22nd 2017

Most of the Florida’s drinking water is ground water. When it comes to drink this water one must think that is it safe and healthy? To make sure that this water safe to drink you should testify it o … read more

Sunrise Water Contamination

May 11th 2017

Sunrise Water QualityIf you’re curious about your tap water or concerned about the contaminants that it could contain, you can learn more through your city’s annual water report. These reports show co … read more

Easy-to-Use Water Treatment at Home

May 11th 2017

Does Reverse Osmosis Water at Home Have to Be Complicated?The Problem of Contaminated WaterIt is common knowledge that tap water contains a variety of contaminants that could affect the health of your … read more

Plantation Water Quality 2015

May 11th 2017

Plantation Water Contamination for 2015Water is extremely important for hydrating and cleansing our bodies to promote our health and well-being. But unfortunately, water itself isn’t completely pure o … read more

Medications Contaminating Drinking Water

May 11th 2017

Trace Pharmaceuticals in the WaterThere are all sorts of chemicals and contaminants, from pesticides to germs, that can find their way into drinking water. But there’s another potential danger to wate … read more