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Pure, Soft Water at Home!

Unsure about your water quality when you turn the tap on? It may be time to consider a water filtration system

Providing you with an affordable water system is what we do best! Contact us today!

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We offer discounts on equipment or installation during in-home consultation, to make sure that the homeowner is getting the best deal possible

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We care about our customers and they love us back! No matter how difficult a water issue is we will find a solution within your budget. We work only with the top brands in the industry to make sure our customers have access to the best products available.

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No household is the same, and water issues vary even on the same street. Waterlux will provide proper water system just for you.



water filtration

Limit exposure to toxic contaminants

With more than 1000 potentially harmful contaminants present in the water stream, a filtration system is essential for anyone living in the Florida area

water softeners

Softer feel like never before

Fluffy laundry, soft skin and sparkling dishes. Savings on energy, soap and more

Drinking water

Hydration is the key to longevity

Live a long and healthy life while supporting your body for optimal performance.

Alkaline Water

Increase pH and ORP

Fight oxidants and allow water to be a medicine, not a poision for your body

service repair

Keep your system in peack performance

Most of our service requests are handled withing 24 hours. We like to be quick and efficient


Efficiency and reliability

All of Waterlux’s technicians are trained by the manufacturer. We work only with authentic parts and have a passion for details.


We’ve got Your Covered

Residential Water Systems

We have high quality water filtration and softening equipment for manicipal and well water application

Commercial Water Systems

Caffe’s, coffee shops and salons use our speciality systems to gain customers and minimize operation costs

Service | Repair

Your old water system is not working or isn’t showing you the results you want? We provide a thorough exam and an estimate to replace or repair it


We believe in good customer relationships

About Waterlux company

With more than 10 years of experience working with local water quality issues we can offer a comprehensive solution to eliminate any water issue and make them a thing of the past! We carefully select and research any equipment. Every system we sell is built to last. Every detail is counted and every function is there for a reason – all for the benefit of the customer and the homeowner.

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