Waterlux Premium Water Filtration was founded in 2011 with one goal in mind: to make safe, pure, contaminant-free and delicious tasting drinking water available to everyone in our community. We offer some of the best products available on the market to improve the quality of your water throughout your whole house or business. We have partnered with two of the best companies in the industry, Hague Water, a U.S based company, and Aquaphor based in Europe. Our manufacturer’s cutting-edge patented technology, provides customizable maintenance-free water filtration and purification systems that remove the hardness and other chemicals, delivering crystal clear water. As authorized distributors for Hague and Aquaphor, we have dozens of satisfied and happy customers throughout south Florida. We are conveniently located in Oakland Park in Broward County, Florida. We are passionate about our products and our our and our customers


Our Commitment

At Waterlux Premium Water Filtration we are committed to going above and beyond for our customers. We provide the highest level of quality customer care. We are here to assist you every step of the way to determine the right system for your specific needs and ensure a smooth installation process. Finally, we’ll be here for you during regular system maintenance as well to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your system.

Value Statement

We are dedicated to providing healthier, tastier, and cleaner water in its purest form for both private homes and businesses. Our certified plumbers and technicians are water filtration experts. They are passionate about our products and our goals, they are extremely knowledgeable, and they are available for installations and service throughout the Tri-County area.

Mission Statement

At Waterlux Premium Water Filtration we are on a mission to provide the purest, high quality water to every family and business near and far. We believe that everyone is entitled to clean, pure, toxic free water. We are dedicated to provide access to affordable water filtration systems that can improve quality of life and promote healthy living. Every household should have a water treatment system and access to fresh, clean, safe water.