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Taking into account that local municipal water infrastructure is more that 50+ years old and most of the parts are built with metal pipes, damaged by corrosion and leaking chemicals, chronic exposure to toxic municipal water treatment byproducts can cause serious health issues. Hardness can influence aesthetic appearance at the point of use, can damage home appliances or will underperform due to scale build up. High mineral content causes skin irritation, hair dryness and discoloration.

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How It Works

We try to streamline the process to make it as smooth as possible. Waterlux is a full service company, offering a full line of water filtration and softening equipment for municipal water application. Call today for a no obligation consultation!

How do we know what system would work for us?

It is best to have a consultation with a technician, perform a water test, and see what’s in your water – Call today to schedule!

What is the difference between water softener and water purifier?

A water purifier will help to remove and prevent toxic contaminants from entering water inside of your house. A water softener will remove hardness and make water soft and pleasant

Will a hybrid all in one system take care of both, purification and softening?

Our hybrid water system is a more advanced water system which uses the latest in water technology to provide you with the most convenient all in one solution

How much Will a whole house system cost?

Our water systems are configured for individual needs so prices will vary depending on the particular configuration

What is under the warranty?

Our water filtration and softening equipment has the strongest warranty. The warranty covers performance, meaning it will ensure pure and soft water for up to 25 years with no media replacement





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