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Our Approach

Now is the perfect time to establish a healthy home environment. At Waterlux, we recognize that you want to trust the water you drink, bathe in, and use for cleaning dishes – homeowners are entitled to water that is safe for consumption and won't harm your plumbing and appliances. We personally engage with every client to customize the ideal water filtration system tailored to your home, family, and budget.


Our Water Systems

Water Softening System

One of the most common water problems local homeowners encounter is hard water.

Removes hardness, calcium & magnesium

Improves appliance efficiency

Eliminates scale buildup and hard water spotting

Drinking Water Filter Systems

Reverse Osmosis is like having a bottled water purification plant under your kitchen sink.

Ideal for drinking water & cooking

Highest level of water purification

Provides total peace of mind

Whole Home Filtration Systems

Designed to offer filtered water all throughout your home

Removal of Chlorine, Chemicals, Pesticides, THM’s, & Heavy Metals

Systems to remove Lead, Cyst & PFOA/PFOS

Systems to remove Iron & Manganese

Let us help you find proper water system for your needs!

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