HAGUE WaterMax Whole House Ion Exchange Water Softener and Filter

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The Hague WaterMax water softener offers a unique, patented approach to the Right Solution™ for home water needs. WaterMax is the only water softener on the market to offer a solution that can be customized to your home’s water using the right filtration media for the job. With three chambers of filtration, and optional Reverse Osmosis filtration, WaterMax can be configured to meet any family’s needs.

The WaterMax features a multi-compartment media tank, which allows us to customize the media composition (the substances that remove contaminants from your water) for your specific water needs, and to provide more usable resin capacity. The efficient design also prevents water channeling so all resin is used.

  • WHOLE HOUSE FILTRATION: The WaterMax features Hague’s ULTRA-FIL/CHLOROSTAT, a self-cleaning whole-house dirt and sediment filter, which  reduces the taste of chlorine and odor in the water. The ULTRA-FIL’s find mesh provides a larger surface area than traditional filters, ensuring that the media is able to fully contact the water for the most effective contaminant removal.

  • This hard-working filter also extends the life of the resin bed, so it never needs a replacement filter or costly maintenance.
  • CARBON FILTRATION: Hague’s ULTRA-CLEAR provides carbon filtration that provides a second layer of protection, eliminating the taste of chlorine, odors, and organic matter.

  • WATER SOFTENING: Hague’s unique ULTRA-SOFT water softening compartment utilizes vacuum packed, high-capacity fine mesh resin to provide maximum treatment and contains the self-cleaning Bacteriostat, which prevents bacteria growth in the resin bed.

  • BOTTOM UP REGENERATION: While traditional softeners regenerate (clean) the resin from the top down, the Hague does it a little differently.  This seemingly small design difference is responsible for its amazing efficiency.  Regeneration with the WaterMax is known to take 80% less time, use 50% less regenerant, and up to 80% less water than traditional systems.

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Safe, Fresh, Water from Shower to Tap

WaterMax’s Whole House System is effective against nuisance contaminants and hazardous pollutants alike.

WIth the WaterMax you receive Whole House Water Filtration AND Water Conditioning that your family desrves!


Cleaner Dishes, Brighter Whites, and Less Time Cleaning

Your WaterMax eliminates soap scum and hard water problems, such as build ups in appliances that cause heating elements to burn out and cause other expensive repairs, by softening your water.

While not dangerous hard water deposits can cause a lot of damage to your home, in addition to nuisance problems, like soap scum and blocked pores.  Luckily, your WaterMax system is designed to eliminate both hazardous contaminants and nuisance problems.

WaterMax Water Softener Eliminates:

  • Hard water buildups, preventing damage to appliances and eliminating expensive repairs as a result

  • Soap scum that damages hair and causes soap buildup which blocks pores and leaves skin feeling dry

  • Buildup on fixtures and shower stalls, reducing your cleaning time and eliminating discoloration and damage to your bathroom

You’ll also see a difference in the amount of soap and detergents you need for dishes and laundry. Soft water allows you to use up to 50% less soap products for laundry and up to 70% less detergent for dishwashing by simply allowing soap to do its job.

Great Tasting Water, Straight from Your Tap

By removing the contaminants, minerals, and additives that alter water flavor, meals and drinks prepared with your home’s tap water taste even better, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of your favorite coffee, tea, and favorite home-cooked meals

The Most Affordable Clean Water System for Your Whole House

In addition to clean, soft water, the WaterMax offer a host of advantages over conventional water softeners by running more efficiently and reducing the about of media used as well as eliminating filter replacement with Hague’s exclusive lifetime filter.

The WaterMax’s ultra efficient system cleans your water:

  • In  80% less time

  • Using up to 50% less regenerate

  • With up to 80% less water than other systems


Only WaterMax water softeners can offer a patented approach to solving your home’s specific water needs.

The WaterMax multi-compartment media tank offers complete flexibility in media configuration and assures more usable resin capacity.

With a constant supply of clean, fresh drinking water the expensive “convenience tax” on bottled water is a thing of the past.  Using the WaterMax, you’ll no longer have to settle for drinking water that is inferior to what your home can now produce. You’ll also reduce your family’s plastic waste, caring for your family while you care for the planet.

What’s different about a Hague?

Water softeners work to resolve Hard Water issues, such as limescale buildup that leads to pipe blockages and heating element burnouts, by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in water with sodium ions. Hard water problems are resolved by sodium ions because they do not have the adverse effects that calcium and magnesium ions have.

Conventional water softeners require a separate whole house water filter be installed, if filtering out contamination and pollutants is desired.

Hague’s WaterMax, however, combines the water softener and the whole house water filter into one single unit, for a highly efficient whole-house water system.  In fact, a single WaterMax® water conditioner can often do the job of 2-3 or more pieces of equipment another company might offer—saving you the expense of additional units, and keeping your desire for clean, safe water from taking over half of your house.  

As if that’s not enough, the WaterMax’s smart system can monitor your water consumption so that only the necessary water and salt are used in the backwash and regeneration phase, providing additional savings on salt and water consumption.  


The Hague WaterMax is a highly customizable system, allowing us to get the exact right fit for your home and water purification needs.  

Give us a call today to find out more, and even take advantage of a free water test to start determining what your family needs.

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About Hague

Hague Quality Water International is the only American Made and American Owned water treatment product manufacturer, and brings more than 50 years of engineering and water quality research to the development of its water conditioning products.  Manufactured outside of Columbus, Ohio, Hague is still owned by the original family that founded the company back in 1960.

What’s Inside:

  • Solid-state system control

  • Hague patented control valve

  • Hague patented tank design

  • Built-in 20 micron whole-house filter

  • Customizable multi compartment tank

  • Directional flow screens

  • Built-in bypass with test port

  • Bacteriostatically-protected resin bed

  • Power outage protection

  • Capacity guard

  • Absolute brining feature

  • Safety shut-off

  • Fill pug


25-year limited warranty

Start enjoying the benefits of soft water! Contact us today to learn more about the WaterMax.

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Product Reviews

Written by David on Dec 2nd 2015

Clean Water. Finally!!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product and the service you guys provided! My wife and I are very satisfied and happy. We need to use separate bathrooms, because nobody wants to get out of the shower)))

Written by Bob Stinson on Nov 25th 2015

Best system I've owned!

I used to have a conventional water softener by other company for about 6 years, but it broke and needed repairs. I decided to look into a new system since we were remodeling the house anyways. I decided to go with Watermax, since the presentation about different media in separated chambers inside the unit looked very promising vs. conventional water softener. I will never regret that decision! What a HUGE difference in water quality! Not only the water is super soft and clean (I was told the water in bathtub would be blue and it was, couldn't believe!), but it uses SO MUCH less salt than the previous one! I used to add salt every month, no I've had the unit for 6 months already and it still has some salt left! Highly recommend this product and the company!!!

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