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Hard water is one of the most common complaints of homeowners in our area

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Throughout the years, we have witnessed the damaging and expensive consequences of hard water on homes. Our advanced water softening solutions eliminate abrasive minerals that cause blockages and harm to your pipes, appliances, clothing, and skin. Safeguarding your home, well-being, and finances has never been more effortless.


Benefits of Soft Water


Having experienced the effects of hard water deposits on countertops and damaged plumbing fixtures for years, I finally opted to install a water softener in my home. Waterlux conducted a water test and ingeniously installed the softener in our garage. The very next morning, my wife and daughters observed a significant improvement in the water during their showers. The Waterlux team was well-informed and professional, and the installation looked fantastic. I highly recommend working with them.

David R.

Pembroke Pines,FL


About Water Softeners

Hardness Removal Process


Soft sodium or potassium ions are utilized to eliminate hard water ions, such as calcium and magnesium scale, in addition to the staining ions of iron and manganese.

Water Softener Installation


Your water softener's resin is engineered to last for many years before needing replacement, ensuring that softeners are easy to maintain and hassle-free. Waterlux softeners are self-cleaning and merely necessitate the occasional addition of pellet salt to the brine tank.



Soft sodium or potassium ions are employed to eliminate hard water ions, such as calcium and magnesium scale, along with the staining ions of iron and manganese

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