Water Softeners


Remove annoying buildups in your water from calcium, as well as other contaminants like chlorine, clear-water iron and sediment. Making it easier for you to clean clothes, wash dishes, and even take showers. Implementing a water softener will remove spotting on dishes, extend the life of any appliance that uses water (from washing machines to coffee makers), and make clothes look newer longer by preventing calcium buildups. To see if a water softener is right for you please contact us or browse below.

Water with elevated levels of calcium and other minerals can obstruct plumbing due to the build left behind when the water is flowing through the said pipes. Hard water also minimizes the characteristic of soap to lather up and the heavy minerals present form a sticky scum that prevents rinsing of virtually anything that is being washed which includes your hair, the dishes, glasses and more. What you get is chalky white residue left behind.

Water with a higher than normal amount of calcium and other minerals is considered hard water. The minerals form a residue which can be felt on dishes and can obstruct plumbing. Hard water is a danger to your health, your home's pipes, and even to your cleanliness. 

Our water softeners have a unique filter that removes excess calcium and magnesium. It comes in many varieties but the three essential components are the brine tank, control valve, and the tank. There are many solutions ranging in price, size, and water quality, however the best way to find out which water softener suits your needs is by contacting us

  • Protect and extend the longevity of any device that uses water
  • Newer looking clothes for longer due to a reduction of mineral buildup
  • No more calcium residue in faucets pipes and wall tiles, even reducing energy consumption
  • Eliminates spotting
  • Reduction of laundry detergent use by as much as half your usual usage
  • Energy efficient and green